Happy 14th Birthday, Miranda!

It’s the first of the year, and that means it’s Miranda’s birthday! Just like with Stephanie’s birthday when we were growing up, the Christmas stuff has been packed away and we’re ready to face the new year.

Unlike years past, Miranda’s “birthday party” was actually¬†before¬†her birthday, on the 30th. With the weather being as frigid as it has been, there was more than ample opportunity to have a party in the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Miranda invited her friend Sierra over, and we extended that to her mom Charlene, and we had a nice evening with sushi and a vanilla cake with whipped cream and fruit for dessert.

Miranda and Sierra

The girls went to see the late showing of Thor: Ragnarok at the Crowfoot theatre. Charlene dropped them off, and I picked them up near midnight. Then Sierra stayed for a sleepover.

Did I say it was frigid? It has been somewhere below minus twenty-aught since the 24th. Ian is getting a bit stir crazy, I think. He went out in the back yard for a few minutes just to get out of the house, I think.

Ian in the snow at minus 27

We stayed up to midnight on New Year’s Eve, playing Minecraft as a family on the XBox One (even Tammy- the master fisher),¬†Seafarers of Catan, and¬†Apples to Apples.

Today, I was up first, but everyone else eventually made their way downstairs so that Miranda could open her cards and gifts.

Miranda opening a card

She got money to spend from Ian, Colin and Carol, Grandpa Biickert and Stephanie and family. Combined with her Christmas money, she’s primed and ready to spend!

She did get a gift from us. It was not a surprise: it was wire craft tools. She wanted them, and there was little chance that we would get the right things, so Tammy and Miranda went to Michaels and got the stuff together.

All the wire tools she needed

We had video calls with Colin and Carol from Mexico and with Dad and with Stephanie and the gang today. An opportunity to wish my sister a happy 43rd! So confusing with two birthdays on the same day. ūü§™

Lunch was a light affair as everyone was busy doing their own things: Miranda was trying out her new art supplies, and Ian and I were watching¬†Return of the Jedi. Tammy was putting the finishing touches on Miranda’s birthday cake. It’s a Black Forest Cheescake. It tastes as good as it looks.

Happy Birthday to yoooooou….

Chinese food for supper was Miranda’s choice. Between that and the cheesecake, we’re stuffed. We measured the kids on the wall before bed, and Miranda has not grown since Ian’s birthday last summer. Ian’s put on another inch.

A day at Nakiska is in the cards tomorrow. Won’t be major, because Tammy has to be in shape to teach in the evening!

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  1. Looks like a good time was held by all. Happy Birthday once more Miranda. The cakes looked “yummy”.

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