Moar Bike Parking!

As Tammy posted on Facebook:

What do you do with too many bikes in your bonus room?

Well, you make more bike parking, that’s what.

Miranda’s bike on the left, Ian’s on the right

Since everybody has started using the trainers from time to time, that means there have been four bikes moving around in the bonus room. Two have been on the trainers at any time, and two have been propped up haphazardly. The addition of a bike for Ian (see below) pushed it to the breaking point.

So, here’s the nicest job I could do of the same basic concept as I built in the garage this summer. The hanger system is Rubbermaid FastTrack, and the oak panels are there to prevent marking or damaging the wall from the bike tires. The hangers can be adjusted left and right or removed entirely. As you can see, there’s enough clearance underneath that the Roomba can do its job.

On the subject of Ian’s bike: Tara, the club director, has a son who has outgrown this bike. It’s an extra-small Giant SCR 3.0 which has been customized somewhat. It’s a small grown-up bike. I’ve adjusted the seat and Ian fits it pretty well. We’re giving it a test run and if he likes it, I’ll pay Tara and keep it.

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