Bike Fitting Night

Tonight, Liz ran a bike fitting seminar at Bow Cycle. It started at about 6:30, and ran until near to 8:00. She went over a lot of the basics on how to make a bike fit better. Basically, you’re always compromising among comfort, efficiency and power. She went over seat height and reach to the bars, amount of “drop” to the bars, etc., etc.

Liz, with her test dummy, Mark

I got a couple of measurements done:

  • My shoulders are 42 cm across, which determines the optimum handlebar width (should be the same, plus or minus 1 cm).
  • My sit bones are 117 mm apart, so the optimal saddle width is 143 mm. Interestingly, my Norco’s saddle is 143 mm, but my Roubaix’s is somewhere around 136.

It was fun to be there, and to see some of the new 2018 bikes. Curiously, Bow has some Cube road bikes in this year. As I discussed in my 2016 bike purchasing decision, I was interested in a few different Cube models, but Bow hadn’t ordered in any of their road bikes. They only had mountain bikes and cyclocross. This year, apparently they ordered some “Attain” models.