New Glasses

Today my new glasses came in. For the first time ever I have bifocals (which officially makes me a geezer) and a pair of prescription sunglasses. It was cheaper to go with 2 pairs instead of the just the one.
I have to admit the bifocals are weird. It’s like having water on your lenses. I have to get used to not looking down in them when I’m not reading. Plus the little line is distracting at times, like going downstairs. I decided to get bifocals instead of the progressives because the 3 tiered lenses bugged me. My distance part was so small thanks to the frame size and I don’t really need the mid-range for computer work since I changed jobs. It might have worked better with my new ones, but I chose not to go with it this time.
I hope I get used to them. I may still have to go back to progressive otherwise.

Of course Simon keeps calling me Sam (from Cloudy with Meatballs):

    or I could be Johnny Test’s sister, Susan:     

2 thoughts on “New Glasses

  1. once you get use to the bifocals you won’t need the progressive ones, JL had a pair and found them frustrating.Went back to bifocals.

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