Happy Birthday, Tammy!

Today Tammy hit forty-six years old. It probably wasn’t her ideal birthday day, given that it was a Wednesday, and I worked the day and she worked the evening. But we did what we could to be together.

First, we all got up before I left for work so that Tammy could unwrap prezzies. She liked the gift from Ian.

Minecraft chicken farm Lego

But she loved the new coffee grinder!

Mine! All mine!

Miranda made her some eucalyptus fizzing bath salts, which smell awesome.

Then I was off to work and the kids were off to school. I came back home at lunch hour and we walked down to The Last Straw pub for a nice lunch. She had the bacon and blue cheese burger. We both worked at the dining room table for the afternoon before it was time for dinner and then she was off to work.

I went to Bow Cycle to take part in what might be the last shop Zwift ride of the season. In about two weeks, Bow Cycle will shift to summer hours, so the shop will be open in the evening. No sign of the roads being clear enough to ride on though. A huge buildup of compact snow on our street still.

Paul, me, Adam and Mark. Tara took the photo.

Soon Tammy will be home, and we’ll have a drink to toast her birthday.



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Tammy!

  1. Thanks to my fabulous family to put this together. Even though having the day off would’ve been great I did manage to have a lunch out with Simon (he come home early – thanks ๐Ÿงก) and have a supper together (with cake) with everyone. The gifts were a wonderful surprise; I hadn’t asked for anything because I never know what I want. ๐Ÿ˜† I also got to speak to Dad and Carol for a long time on Skype – and your card did finally arrive. Thanks to everyone for the wishes and gifts.

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