Snowboarding today, palm trees tomorrow

It’s the last day before I jet off to Palm Springs for the 2018 Esri Developer Summit. What better way to celebrate the difference than to play in the snow today?

We’ve had a ton of snow this winter, but instead of that being a blessing, it’s actually been a hindrance. The combination of the dangerous roads and frigid temperatures has actually confounded at least four ski days. Today it was cold (-13), and it snowed Friday and part of Saturday, but we went to Nakiska anyways.

The conditions were interesting. There was an amount of powdery snow everywhere, but the cold temperature really made the snow sticky. I found myself hopping my board to try to get to the bronze chairlift because I didn’t have any momentum. I ended up having to unfasten one boot and push myself along. So then Ian and I went up the Silver chairlift, and then met up with Miranda and Tammy and went up the Silver again.

I had time to stop and enjoy the scenery on the way down, so took a few pictures.

Miranda and Ian, ready to go

Tammy and I. Sorry about the fat finger!

It was a gorgeous day. Every way you looked, it was a real-life postcard.

Ian waiting

And to top it off, on the way back we had a laugh: at a highway pullout about halfway home, there was a person next to their car, pants at half-mast, squatting. I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go!

Didn’t get a picture of that.

2 thoughts on “Snowboarding today, palm trees tomorrow

  1. A day on the slopes and palms tomorrow, yeah!
    Glad you got to have a play day in the snow.

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