Hello from Palm Springs, 2018

This marks the third year in a row that I’ve attended the Esri Developer Summit conference in Palm Springs. It’s a great conference, and I always learn lots. It also happens to be in Palm Springs where the temperatures are like a Canadian summer while my poor family shivers in the snow.

The flight here was uneventful. I flew from Calgary to Vancouver and then to Palm Springs, and I will do the opposite on the way home Friday. I am rooming with Chris Macleod this year. He’s a pretty good roommate. Snores a bit, but not so much that it disturbed me. I had my earplugs ready to go on the bedside table, but I didn’t feel the need. Tonight he, Steven, Mohamed and James from the City of Burnaby and I went to Rio Azul, a Mexican place. It was good food and not too busy. I managed to find food that did not have avocado in it, so I’m feeling fine.

Pay no attention to the large margarita… 🙂

Not a lot to report. I ran into Chris Spicer and Colin Newall at breakfast today. Was good to reconnect with them. Chris showed me a picture of his daughter Savannah trying on a dress for her junior prom. I remember changing that girl’s diaper at our place.