Easter Weekend

It’s the Easter weekend, and it’s -18 and it snowed last night. The Easter Bunny had better have extra layers on or he’ll freeze to the doorstep.


The big news today is Miranda got her glasses. From the day she was born, Tammy and I knew that the genetic deck was stacked against her, and eventually she would need them. When she had her eyes checked a few months ago, her vision was measured as -0.25 (very slightly near-sighted) and the optometrist asked us to come back in a few months to check again. This time it was -0.50, and it was time to find some glasses.

Four stores and lots of frames later, she settled for a pair of dark translucent blue frames.

Miranda’s first pair of glasses

The lenses are “Transitions”, so when Miranda’s out in the sun, they turn into sunglasses.


We also had a “lunch on Grandpa” today. He enclosed a $100 bill in the Easter card that he sent us, and we bought a nice sushi lunch from Sakana Grill: Love Boat Deluxe, a tuna roll, spicy tuna roll and a BC roll. There may have been a bottle of saké, too…


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  1. You look really good in your new glasses Miranda. Hope you all had a good Easter Love Dad, Grandpa.

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