I’ve got mad decaling skills, bro.

As documented here, I was waiting for my second set of decals to arrive from Hungary, and they came yesterday! Of course, that meant a door knocker and Tammy picking them up today. She teased me at work with this:

A Hungarian Package

I got home and opened the package up. Here’s what I got for $71… or $142 if you count the lost one that probably is in the landfill in Victoria.

So many decals

Yes, I know it’s hard to read the white decals on the white transfer paper, but they are meant to be on my black bike. I scanned them into the computer, so that in the future I could theoretically print my own. But the quality of what I got was better than I’d hoped. The yellow is really quite intense.

I really need to give Brian another bottle as a thank you for this Park Tool work stand. I put my bike on the stand with the wheels off and got to work after dinner. Working indoors without having to bend over, or wrestle the bike on my bench was just heaven. I did the whole job in less than three hours. I prepped each location with Windex, then isopropyl alcohol, and finally with a very dilute soapy water.

I am very happy with the results.

Side View

Front View

Yes, I need to replace the red bar tape with a matching colour. It’s either going to be blue, yellow, black or white.

For the record, this is the material that the seller used.


And now the bar tape is done!

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