Off to Montréal!

This morning we took Miranda to the airport, and sent her on her way. It’s been a long time coming, but her Grade 8 field trip to MontrĂ©al and QuĂ©bec is here.

There was no real drama in the sendoff. This was not the first time that these teachers have made this trip, and they were quite organized. The kids were all divided into four “colour” teams, each with a responsible teacher.

Miranda, ready to go

We were at the airport by 10:20, and by 10:55, the kids’ luggage was all checked, and they gathered for a group photo and then were off to go through security.

Group photo

Ian and Tammy and I went to White Spot in the Northeast, at least in part to still be close to the airport if anything arose prior to takeoff. But again, all went well. Now Miranda is all the way across the country.

As I lamented three summers ago, it’s so strange for her to be so far away. All part of growing up, I guess. ❤