Ladies’ Bike Ride, Rollin’ With Ian

It was the first Thursday night Ladies’ Ride with the Bow Cyclist Club, and Tammy was there, representing! Considering she re-jiggered her work schedule to make it to the Thursday rides, that’s awesome! There were ten ladies in total, with Liz, Alice and Susan leading over 37 km of in-city riding.

Tammy with the group. Susan’s taking the picture.

There was a nasty headwind on the last 10 km back and Tammy was pretty darn tired at the end of it.

Meanwhile, Ian and I covered our own ground, riding from Bowness to downtown and back. Ian wanted to see the construction state of the Telus Sky building. He also got to show off his new cycling jersey!

Ian and Daddy

He did great! We rode 27 flat kilometres over about 2 hours. The low point was him having a little crash. He cut a corner at one point, and his handlebar clipped a pole. He fell over at really low speed. He was okay, but shaken.

Across the river from St. Patrick’s Island Park