45 Today

Simon is 45 today.

The plans are a bit up in the air because the weather can be fickle. It’s the BCC Ladies’ Ride tonight and so he and Ian usually go for one at the same time. Unfortunately the weather is uncooperative and we’re not sure what’s going to happen, so that really affects the cake and dinner plans.

We were up early because I had a dental appointment at 8. The kids finally straggled down after I blasted “Come On Get Happy” by the Partridge Family through the Apple TV upstairs. He managed to open his presents during breakfast:

  • a bike pedal wrench
  • a BCC vest
  • a pair of BCC arm warmers and leg warmers
  • a bottle of bourbon


Well the ride was called off.  Now we have to make up for it with a ride on the trainer. On the up side he can have his cake today and eat it too.  😜   We had a fry up of sorts- scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, tomatoes, and mushrooms for supper.  Then we had the German chocolate cake.

Happy Birthday Simon! ❤

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  1. YUP 45 and counting, Happy Birthday Love Dad. Glad i could sing Happy birthday with you and family.

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