New Addition to the family…

Introducing Angus! Or Gus-Gus for now until he needs the more adult-ish name 🙂

He is a Mainecoon X so might get pretty big. He’s a decent mix of his parents so don’t really know for now. Holy energy Batman!! He is all over the place and climbs without fear. Nothing like what Twinkie was when she was young. Twinkie was pretty hissy to start but this morning she was ok with him. Especially they played “whack a mole” in one of the cat trees which Twinkie enjoyed thoroughly (go figure….beat up the new kid on the block and not get in trouble 😀 )

See look he actually sleeps!! Was starting to wonder if I should be looking to see where I can take the batteries out

3 thoughts on “New Addition to the family…

  1. You are causing massive waves of jealousy at my house. Stop it. 😉

    Welcome, Gus-Gus! 🐈

  2. Tristan says that’s what you get for flaunting German Chocolate cake. Our evil plan was to go out and get a cat because of that (massive eye roll) lol!

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