Summer 2018 Piano Recital

The end of another year of piano lessons is here. Miranda has been studying musicality and improvisation with Miss Jessica, and Ian has been in the Level 3 class at Viva Musica. They are both doing very well, and they got a chance to show off at the recital.

The kids on stage

Miranda played two improvisational pieces with Miss Jessica.

Ian played “Left Alone”, which is a play on words: the piece is played entirely with the left hand.

Both did very well and I am very proud of them. They still have some make-up classes in the next couple of weeks, but the “school year” is over.

It’s been a long time since first exploring lessons for Miranda, and buying our piano.

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  1. I just discovered the recitals.Very well done by both of you, NaNa would have been very proud of you both Love Grandpa.

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