Calaway Park

It’s the Canada 🇨🇦 Day long weekend, and the kids and I went to Calaway park this morning. I took Tammy to work, along with her bicycle. If the weather holds, she will try to ride all the way home. It’s a good 27 km or so, so everybody think positive thoughts! 🤞

At Calaway Park, we hit Timber Falls early so that we would have a chance to dry out.

The “before” picture. Wetness ensued.

The other notable happening was that Miranda talked Ian into going on “Chaos”. I refused, knowing that it would give me motion sickness.

Miranda and Ian on Chaos

It ended up making Ian a bit dizzy. Not so much that he felt barfy, but enough that he stuck to the rides that he knew from then on: Adrenaline Test Centre, Pirate Ship and Air Gliders. Miranda and I hit the Storm before we headed out, and Ian watched and waved.

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