I Know… Not Many Posts

It’s just been that kind of week. There’s been a lot going on, but it’s all the garden-variety sort. The kids are on summer break now, and that’s changed the pace of things. Miranda’s making origami things and reading. Ian’s got limits on his iPad time this summer, so that’s working out to more variety of activities. He’ll be working on Swift Playgrounds with Tammy on the iPad this summer. He still wants to code a game.

Dad’s arriving Thursday night for a summer visit. Ya-hoo! Stampede time! 🤠

Both kids are enrolled in the Bow Cycle Kids’ Summer Bike Challenge. They have to log 45 to 75 minutes of bike riding a week to win prizes. Of course, for Miranda, that’s no problem, because she gets more than that per Bow Cyclist ride. In fact, on the Sunday ride, her group stayed out for three and a half hours and covered 64 km!

Ian has been going for longer rides by himself on his road bike, like 10 to 16 km. In fact, I ran into him today as I was riding home. He was coming the other way on the bike bridge over Stoney Trail. He and I did 27 km last Thursday.

I’ve had a bit of a quieter week at work (finally). The APL project that had been jamming my calendar full is on hold, so there is some space to do the other priorities. I’ve also finished writing a Mac version of the perennial software development task: the FFF.

The Fantastic Fiduciary Friend for Mac

The only thing that really has been getting neglected is the housework… It’s July and I haven’t attacked the falling apart lattice on the deck yet.