Programming with Ian (and Miranda)

As part of his summer enrichment Simon has volunteered me to work through Swift Playgrounds on the iPad with Ian. (I volunteered Miranda to join in as well. 😆)   Swift Playgrounds is a visually friendly learn-to-program course put out by Apple in their anyone can code movement. It’s broken down into 3 introductory courses: Learn to Code 1, Learn to Code 2, and Learn to Code 3. Ian has really taken a shine to it. I have to admit it’s a lot better than the coding courses I took at UVic and CNC. In fact it brought to mind my first programming course I had through Radio Shack waaaay back in the ’80s. I managed to find some videos on Logo on Youtube. I showed him how programming classes used to be in the beginning and how they typically are at the post-secondary level (dry and boring). It really made him appreciate how Swift has been designed.  Hopefully we can work our way through 2 of the courses by the end of summer.

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