For a while, I was scratching my head

Tammy picked up a series of three books for the kids to read: How the World Works. The books are Mathematics, Physics, and Religion. I just happened to pick up the Mathematics book, and was immediately fascinated. I am almost finished it, and the last chapter is on logic. Now, I consider myself somewhat good with math and logic, but I was completely flummoxed this evening when I read an inset box that showed:

Proof that 2 = 1

It wasn’t until I stopped and worked it out that I realized where the flaw in the math exists. But I was questioning everything for a moment or two when I worked through all of the algebra twice without figuring it out.

Oh, and the kids and I took in the Tour de Bowness Road Race this morning, north of Cochrane. Just in case you thought you were reading the wrong blog for a moment. 🧐

Men’s Category 3 peloton