First Day of Vacation

Yesterday was my last official day of work for the term. Actually it was supposed to be the end-of-term party. One person showed up. 🤣 We has fruit salad with Greek yogurt, a Colombian milk cake, and coffee. She left at about 10.30 and I held out another hour before leaving.

Today I had my usual bike ride with Ian. It was more dropping him off and picking up Miranda. It’s the Tour de Bowness this weekend. The BCC ended their Sunday ride at one of the competition routes. That’s where I left Ian with Simon.

The rest of the day was a mix of nothing much. The next term starts on the 20th, but we’ll be in Victoria as usual. I’ll start on the 29th. Next week I have to draw up 3 lesson plans for my sub. One year the terms and our vacation will line up.