COUGH, COUGH! I can’t breathe! – My 2nd post

It was fine yesterday with our rain storm that happened a few days ago, but I wasn’t expecting the smoke that we would get today. today’s smoke is terrible! for example;


and at noon, the smoke gets worse, my reaction was:

“COUGH, COUGH, I can’t breathe…”

I don’t know what it’s going to be like this evening, but, I know it’s going to look basically the same.

out our stairwell window


PS: I know I don’t need to say this but, these would be one of the days when I can’t see

I can’t see ahh!” 😣

By the way, these two photos tell you how smoky it is today, I was totally not expecting this kind of day to come.

Somewhere over there are the mountains.







and today.

this is a normal view

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  1. Hi Ian, The air quality is a lot better here today. Just in time for your road trip and visit. We had a road and sea trip yesterday, two buses, two Skytrains 🚝and three ferries ⛴yesterday.

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