Rest Day… With a Car Show and Lake Visit

There’s nothing like taking a relaxing day on vacation. We were tired from the bike ride and so today was a less energetic day. But that didn’t mean that we didn’t have some fun.

Last year, when Dad was looking after Ian during the Tour de Victoria, they went to the car show in Langford. This year, with the bike ride moving from Sunday to Saturday, that meant that the whole family could check it out! It was held on Goldstream Avenue and the side streets off it, just a short walk from Dad’s place.

There were probably about 100 cars, as old as from 1903 and up to more modern cars like a Dodge Viper and 2000-era Ford Mustang. There were tons of Camaros and Firebirds and Mustangs. We wandered around, taking in the steel and paint and chrome.

People had their favorites. The Cadillac El Dorado met with lots of approval.

Tammy liked one of the less flashy cars: this VW.

I really liked looking at the cars. One thing that occurred to me when a black 1960’s Z28 Camaro pulled into the show was that to me a lot of the attraction of these types of cars is the sound that the cars make. You don’t get that when the cars are static on display. Makes me think that a car cruise is more my speed. Cars are meant to move, after all. My favourite car of the show wasn’t actually part of the show. There was a Porsche 911 GT3 RS parked at the pub.

Talk about a modern take on a classic look!

Dad’s back started acting up, so he headed straight home. Tammy and Miranda had made the side trip to Walmart and Ian and I hit Fairway Market before a lunch.

Then it was time to go to Gordon Head to visit with Jeff, Sasha and family. We had a short visit while waiting for Katya to get home before going to Elk Lake. As usual, Jeff is always prepared to have fun outdoors. He brought inner tubes and kayaks.

Ian and I took the opportunity to try out the kayaks. It was a blast, just paddling around where Katya and Alyosha were swimming around. We also explored into the reeds and were surprised when a trout jumped near us.

The day was sunny, but probably the worst fire smoke day. It was starting to push into the Calgary-level. You’d think it was overcast, except for the red sun. Miranda played in the shallows, looking after little Sonya.

Afterwards, we headed back to their house for pizza dinner and a visit that seemed over all too soon. On the way back to Dad’s, Ian was voicing regrets that we only get to see them once per year. There had been a possibility this year of seeing them in Alberta, but their trip fell through. Maybe sometime before next August they can come our way.

Another great day on our trip. We also gave Dad almost a whole afternoon and evening to recuperate some.

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