Not in the Mood to Post

Sorry about there being a lack of posts lately. It’s been a week and a half back to work and it’s been exactly what I worried it would be. The Solution Architect Team was going to be busy, and then we found out that Mohamed was departing. His last day is this Friday, and he gave us a lot of notice and he has done everything I could have asked for to make it easy. But the fact is that we’re losing a valuable person and I will be shouldering a lot of the work he would have done.

I haven’t felt like even looking at a computer in the evenings, let alone taking the time to make a post.

The kids are starting their new grades and there haven’t been bad experiences or really any amazing stories coming home, either. We have started to talk to Miranda about starting International Baccalaureate in high school next year. She has been excelling at school and I think she would like being challenged by other gifted people. She would have to go to a different school, but it’s probably not any more difficult to get to, thanks to the C-Train.

Ian and I are about halfway through reading The Eye of the World. We’ve kept it up, and it’s going well. He had his first piano lesson of the new year on Monday night. Miranda and I walked up to the Royal Oak school with him. She and I had a pretty good talk about The Lord of the Rings while we were waiting. She has started reading the books. She bought her own softcover copy: she was intimidated by my massive, illustrated hardcover edition.

With Tammy stopping working on Saturday and the kids not having piano on Saturdays, I have taken part in the Saturday Bragg Creek ride the last two weekends. They really challenged me, pushing me to the limit.

Tonight, we are seeing some snow mixed with rain. It’s supposed to turn to snow proper tonight. It’s the first taste of winter. ❄️