That Was Fun

This morning, the weather meant that the Bow Cyclist ride was a bust, even for me. Some of the club members did a ride but at zero degrees with wet snow on the ground, I wasn’t willing to risk it. After all, I’m flying to Winnipeg tomorrow! Don’t want to do that in a cast.

Tammy met up with two of her former Swiss students for a late breakfast this morning. They went to the Denny’s in Crowfoot and had a good chinwag.

Daniella, Tammy and Susi

That meant I was sitting at the table after breakfast, pondering a second cup of coffee and I used my Watch to message the kids:

It wasn’t long before Miranda came downstairs with The Order of the Stick. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I got that game for Christmas so many years ago, and I think Tammy and I have played it twice. I enjoy the heck out of it, but it takes a long time to play. Like over three hours. Not to mention that when you play it twice in ten years, it’s not easy to remember the rules, and constantly looking them up slows things further.

But we did it. Miranda, Ian and I got part of the game played before lunch, then finished it by 3:00. Everybody really got the hang of the rules and things were going much more smoothly by the end. Still, it was probably five hours of playing.

Miranda at the game table


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