Hello from Winnipeg

That’s another major city in Canada off the list of places I haven’t been. I’ve flown over Winnipeg too many times to count, but never even landed here. The closest was Brandon.

View of the Canadian Human Rights Museum and Downtown

I arrived mid-afternoon local time, so went out for a walk down to the river. I could see the museum from my hotel room. It was featured in an architecture documentary that we watched a while ago as a family. Unfortunately, I got there only 15 minutes before it was closing, so I settled for walking out onto the bridge over the river and getting a picture or two.

I’ve had dinner and caught up on my email. My co-worker Chris should be landing any time now. I imagine I’ll meet him tonight to discuss tomorrow, but he might just be ready to crash. Sounds like he had some trouble getting here from Ottawa. Nice easy 1.5 hour flight for me. The bad part was I watched 95% of the movie Baby Driver before the plane landed. I literally haven’t seen the last 10 minutes. I will have to watch the rest on the return flight.

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