11 years, Apple, iPhone, XR.

So, Apple, the phone company has been making iPhones for 11 years! Ever since the first iPhone came in June 2007, it was a joke to some people because of the all screen design since that screens back then were very terrible. But now, Apple the company, has made 98% customer satisfaction with the recent phones that came out last year. The iPhone X and the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. But now, today, at the Apple store, I took pictures of the brand new 6.1 inch Retina display the “iPhone XR”

So yah, here are the pictures:

This is the front of the phone on the lock screen

This is the back of the phone


This is the front of the phone on the home screen

Of course, there will be more pictures on the way.

If you want more information, this is the website:


Here are some more photos of the iPhone XR.

Now from your question Baba, how is the iPhone XR different from the other phones, well, I also took some photos of a 2 year old iPhone 7(2016), and you can tell the difference from those photos.

Here are more pictures of the iPhone XR:

This is the side of the phone.



This is another picture of the front of the Phone


This is the iPhone 7:

The front

The side

And the back

The iPhone XR or the Ten R is 150 mm tall, it is 75 mm wide and the iPhone 7 is 138 mm tall and 67 mm wide. So the iPhone XR is bigger than the iPhone 7. Both of the phones are made of aluminum except the iPhone XR has a wireless charging glass back and the iPhone 7 doesn’t. The iPhone XR has 6.1 inches of screen and the iPhone 7 has 4.7 and 5.5 inches of screen

This is a better token picture of the iPhone 7

https://www.apple.com/ca/iphone-xr/specs/    -This is the iPhone XR tech specs

https://www.apple.com/ca/iphone-7/specs/.    -This is the iPhone 7 tech specs

https://www.apple.com/ca/iphone-xr/.             -This is the iPhone XR explained

7 thoughts on “11 years, Apple, iPhone, XR.

  1. No, I didn’t put him up to this. He took the pictures in the Apple Store today and immediately suggested he would put a post on the site about it. 📱

  2. it is an all screen display(6.1 inches of screen) where as the other phones have a home button.
    it’s a tap to wake phone, it has face identification where the front camera detects your face pattern to unlock your phone which means super security. it has battery life to last for about 15 hours and it charges 4x faster than the other phones. it has smart high dynamic range which means photos that are not blurry when somebody is moving. it has portrait mode on a single camera system so that you can tack photos of people with a blur in the background. it is a cheaper phone $1000 where as the other phones the came out last year were $1100 to $1500. it comes in a variety of colours you can chose from: white, black, blue, corral/salmon, yellow and red where as the other phones came out in: black, silver, gold and rose gold.

  3. Thanks Ian for the info.
    Battery life and 4x faster charging is a plus and the camera features but the price tag is OTT.

  4. You will have t ask your Dad for an increase in your allowance!!!!! But if you wait another year I’m sure thy will have even a better phone In….

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