Hello? Halloweenies?

Where is everybody?

It’s now 8:45, and I’ve turned off the pumpkins. The count from years past and now 2018, too:

  • 2013 – 61
  • 2014 – 78
  • 2015 – 57
  • 2016 – 50
  • 2017 – 52
  • 2018 – 25 😡

Twenty five??? I was handing out handfuls of candies to the kids and still have a large amount of candy left. I had the pumpkins brightly lit in the front window. The weather was clear and about nine degrees, which is superb compared to the snow we had last month.

Can’t miss them

Ah well. The kids went out trick or treating this evening. Rather, Ian went trick or treating, and Miranda took him around. She felt too old to do it herself, but walked Ian around our street. Tammy was teaching again tonight. She wore her Musketeer outfit. I wore my samurai outfit to answer the door. Miranda was dressed like the singer fromΒ Panic! At the Disco, in one of their music videos. Ian was a BC Ferries Captain.

They were back pretty quickly. Ian’s bag wasn’t as big as in past years, and when it was full they came straight back home.

Candy, candy, candy

Happy Halloween! Anybody want some candy? 🍬

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  1. Strange that you had so many less kids this year. Maybe the neighbourhood is getting generally older??

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