NaNoWriMo #11

Last night we kicked off our eleventh edition of participating in National Novel Writing Month! And when I say “we”, I mean everybody. I was pounding away at my IBM Selectric III, Tammy was pecking at her MacBook Air, Miranda was typing next to me on the Mac Mini in the dining room, and Ian was at his desk with the iPad 4 and the Bluetooth keyboard cover.

That is awesome on so many levels, but selfishly it meant that I didn’t have to wait until the kids were off to bed before starting my writing. In fact, I was finished my 1,885 words before the kids’ bedtime.

This is a momentous Nano for me: I will be writing the second part of the last book in a trilogy that then is itself a set of prequels to the novel that I have been trying to write since I was 18. I am pretty darn excited about that.

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