New Wash-N-Go Miranda

Yes, folks, it’s the latest in Miranda’s constant quest for a hairstyle she’s happy with. This time, she roped me in as an accomplice.

Miranda with Super Short Hair

Tammy and I have different reactions to it. I think it looks good on her, while Tammy is not so enthusiastic. 😁

The discussion about this had been going on for a few days. Tammy acquiesced and so I got a text yesterday (Friday) afternoon from Miranda asking if I would cut her hair that evening. After dinner when the dishes were washed up I set Miranda up where I usually cut Ian’s hair and started to do the work. I took my time, going bit by bit, trying different looks along the way. I started with shaving up under the back and sides, then slowly shortened the top and shaved the sides up further. I think that some of the intermediate cuts actually were pretty good, but Miranda was adamant that she wanted to have a buzz cut.

First step. You can’t even see the razoring

What is underneath

Shortened right up

Looking pretty good

For my reference in the future, we ended up with:

  • 5 on top
  • 2 around the sides and back
  • 3 transitioning between them


3 thoughts on “New Wash-N-Go Miranda

  1. Wow now that is short! Certainly save time with drying. Reminds me of SinΓ©ad O’Connor. Really brings out the eyes!!

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