Christmas Party 2018

Last night was the Esri Christmas party here in Calgary. I was lucky to be back from Regina the night before, but it did make for a hectic Friday, trying to get everything done before it was time for Tammy and I to head out.

This year’s party was a Beary Merry Christmas at the Calgary Zoo, where there are a number of venues that host events. Ours was at the Safari Lodge, along with a lot of other tables of other organizations having their own parties. We got to wander and see the Zoo Lights on the way in, and afterwards.

Tammy and one of the row of dolphins

Looking across the bridge at the lights and Calgary

There was a good turnout for the party, and we got to see Sepideh, Steven and Krisztina.

Selfie time!

It was a good time, with good food. There was a duo playing music for some of the evening, and some canned music in between their sets. Later in the evening, Krisztina, Tammy, Hannah and Usama’s date (I didn’t catch her name) were up and having a good time rocking out on the dance floor. The food was good, with both turkey and beef on offer. No stuffing, though!

There was a photo booth, where we could have our photo taken, first nicely and then we had about three seconds to put on some silly props.

The stormtrooper attacks turkey-hat man!

I got a picture of myself with Brian, who is retiring. I’ve worked for him for 10 years and they’ve been a very good ten years.

Brian and I

We took the train there and back: the Zoo entrance is actually the same building as one of the C-Train stations. With the exception of having to change trains from the Red line to the Blue line downtown, it couldn’t have been easier. Miranda looked after Ian and the house was not burned down.

For the record, since moving to Calgary:


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