Blood Donor Writing

This eve I went and donated blood for the first since 2010. I was a regular donor in Prince George (I felt it was my civic responsibility to do so since I have a rare blood type), but became less of one when we moved back to the Island. The clinics weren’t as convenient there. I finally got the lead out a month ago and searched for a local clinic. It turned out there was one at the new YMCA up the hill in Rocky Ridge. We all piled in the car and drove up. I didn’t feel confident in driving home. Even though I’d made an appointment for 7.10 I still got a number and waited over an hour to get siphoned. I’m not sure what the point of making an appointment was because it didn’t mean you got in at the specified time. So after waiting for an hour Simon and Ian went home. (Simon’s not feeling up to snuff.) Miranda stayed to watch. She can start donating when she’s 17. It took just over 7 minutes to fill the bag and then we were off to the refreshments. Simon came and got us and now we’re back home. My next donation will be in March.

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  1. Well you know that Vampires need their blood, congratulation for giving as I can’t because of my cancer drugs.

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