Dad’s Here, And We’re Ready For Christmas

I’ve had a time of it the last few days. On Thursday, I had my last day of work and I was feeling great. Friday morning I woke up and said “Oh, no.” I felt some sort of illness coming on. Thankfully, it passed in less than 24 hours. Some sort of virus that got past the lines of defence and then was crushed by my immune system. But then the next morning, I was helping to clean the kitchen, bent over and my lower back seized up. I hit the floor and needed help to get up and over to the couch. The final insult is the burn I have on my back now: I think I was careless with the electric heating pad and it scorched me. 😖

But enough of that: Dad flew in yesterday afternoon. We all went to the airport and picked him up. We stopped by Northland Mall to visit Purdy’s and Walmart, and then ordered some Chinese food for supper. It was going to be meatloaf, but Dad hadn’t had lunch, so we expedited supper. Meatloaf is for tonight’s supper. We watched Arthur Christmas, and that was the end of day 1. Today, we went for a bit of a walk in the nippy temperatures. Dad’s not used to the dry cold, and his cheeks got nice and rosy.

Miranda, Dad and Ian with the Rocky Mountains in the back

Tammy was baking up a storm today, but made some time to play a couple of games with everybody. Here we are playing Doctor Dreadful Scabs & Guts, which was followed by a game of Anomia.

Ian won the game!

Dad’s having a bit of a rest on the couch now. I think we tired him out.

If all goes well, we should watch Scrooge tonight. We’ve watched a lot of Christmas movies this year. It was sort of a dare on Tammy’s part to watch as many as possible, including Christmas rom-coms that we might have otherwise sneered at. We watched:

  1. Just Friends
  2. A Christmas Prince
  3. The Family Man
  4. The Princess Switch
  5. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding
  6. The Christmas Chronicles
  7. Four Christmases
  8. Christmas Wedding Planner
  9. Christmas Inheritance
  10. It’s a Wonderful Life – Cancelled due to illness and Tammy’s blood donation
  11. Elf
  12. Arthur Christmas

It’s been fun.

Merry Christmas, everyone. 🎄

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