Sometimes You Just Gotta BBQ

Just because the back yard looks like this:

Snowy back yard

…doesn’t mean you can’t BBQ some smokies!

Smokies on the grill

It was plus 3 degrees and I was out there in my T-shirt. Smokies never tasted so good.

In other news, I spent some time working on the FFF for Mac and in a short time I got support for MacOS Mojave Dark Mode. I’m pretty proud of myself.

And in celebration of that accomplishment, the ii News site has gone dark as well.

In still more unrelated news, Tammy turned a first-generation iPad Mini, two rebates on Apple Watches for the kids and some extra $$$ into a new Apple TV 4k. The existing Apple TV 3rd generation in the bedroom is in semi-retirement (it’s in a box in the storage room, waiting for the possible installation of a TV in the basement), the Apple TV 4th generation moves from the bonus room to the bedroom and the bonus room gets the new one.