Where’d the Power Go?

Today started well. We got up early and were out the door to go skiing. It was -17 in Calgary, but there was a warm front moving in. The traffic moved well and the highway was bare. At the mountain it was hard-packed, groomed snow with a light snow falling and about -2. Perfect.

Ian and I got seven runs in, including going up the Silver chair. Tammy and Miranda managed five.

Ian near the top

We got coffees and hot chocolates and were on our way home by 11. Then, when I was pulling onto Highway 40, suddenly the Golf’s engine lost power. Like hitting the rev limiter, but I didn’t. I pulled over and restarted the car. The check engine light was on and the car was barely making enough power to get up to highway speed.

Gentle hills were a challenge and on the steeper ones it slowed down to about 30 km/h. The Golf had turned into a Rolls-Canardly: Rolls down one hill canardly get up the next.

We limped back to Calgary. Tammy has dropped the Golf off at Knibbe Automotive, but they won’t open until Monday.

Is the Golf’s ninth life up?

4 thoughts on “Where’d the Power Go?

  1. Sorry to hear about the Golf, probably something simple like a sensor due for change.Glad you got to ski and didn’t happen on the way there.

  2. Yes, I’m glad we were able to hobble back into Calgary too. I’ve spoken to Knibbe about the problem this morning. Now I have to wait until their computer diagnoses the problem. No matter what it is, it will cost an arm and a leg. 😔

    • Well, it turns out the cam shaft sensor went kaput along with another sensor. Estimated cost: $1085+GST. Maybe I should sell it.

      • Well, after tearing it apart to replace the cam shaft sensor they found the turbo is shot. So that will be another $2200 to fix. Once we get it home we’ll decide what to do with it. We’re not looking for another car, so trade-in is pointless. I doubt we can sell it for anything much. Either way we needed to get it fixed to get the full value (or break even at the least).

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