Hello From Halifax

I am at the halfway point of my trip to Halifax, and it’s been going well. My flight here was nice thanks to the seat upgrade, and now I’ve got another email from Westjet, informing me that my seat on the way home is also upgraded! Woo! 🎉

Last night I tried to be a tourist. This is only my second trip to Halifax, and my first trip was way back in November 2005. On that trip, I really didn’t get to see any of Halifax at all. Unfortunately, it’s not tourist season, and my attempt to visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic was foiled. I could look in the window, but that’s not the same thing.

A look in the window of the museum

I did manage to wander around and imagine what the downtown of Halifax might be like in better weather.

Down Prince Street: it’s steep!

Soft light and heritage buildings

The ferry to Dartmouth. You’re welcome, Ian!

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