Rubik’s cube solving

So, ever since a week ago, I was going back to Rubik’s cube solving. I actually started in 2016 but now, I’ve returned to solving. In the first part of the week, I rote down on a sticky note, algorithms to solve the cube. I was practicing and so on. The second part of the week was trying to memorize the algorithms in my head. It took some time memorizing, and the third and final part of the week was speed solving. It took a few days to practice turning the cube quickly, but now, I think i’m on my way, yesterday, I ordered a 2018 speed cube so that my rubik’s cube would not lock up so easily when i turned it. I’ve been practicing speed solving ever since Friday and today, i think i’m getting really good. I recorded a video of me speed solving my rubik’s cube with a rubik’s cube stopwatch app. It took me 01:06.93 seconds to solve the cube.

I’m pretty fast, am I?

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