Finally Not Housebound

It has been a long cold stretch, filled with quiet times at home. That’s not a bad thing, but I think we were getting a bit stir crazy. I had pencilled in today as a possible ski day. The long-term forecast had predicted it was the day the weather would break, and the kids had Thursday and Friday off. I took the days off work as well.

The weather report in the morning was not looking good. -21 with a windchill down into the -30 range. But by midday the temperature was supposed to shoot up and snow by evening. We decided to delay our departure for Nakiska until 10, hoping to hit the hill just as the temperature rose.

It worked. We were dressed well, and it was -15 when we got out of the car, but the temperature rose to -9 while we were there. The day was beautiful and sunny.

Ian and I on the Silver chair
Miranda on the Bronze chair
Tammy following after

It was a great day on the slopes. Well worth the wait.

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