Happy Birthday… to me.

Today I’m 47 ( and so is my “twin”, Simon’s cousin Chris – happy birthday to him).

The day has been pretty much like any other day. We woke up at 5.50 to CBC Radio 1. Everyone got ready for work or school (Simon is working from home). I had some presents and cards waiting for me: 

a keychain made by Miranda and a red origami crane,
a homemade card from Ian and a box of Purdy’s truffles (the booze kind),
a card, the What Do You Meme game, and a pair of BCC 2019 bib shorts (on order),
a meowing kitten card from Steph and the gang,
a humorous card (where do you find these?) and gift from Dave

Thank you everyone for the lovely gifts. Maybe we’ll bring the Meme game with us to Vic this summer. Later in the morning I Skyped with Dad and Carol and I will FaceTime with Dave when I get home from work at 10. I did a quick workout on the bike and then Simon and I walked down to our local pub for a lightning lunch. On the way home I cashed in my Starbucks birthday bonus drink card (and somehow got a free one for Simon).

Now I’m just waiting until I have to prepare chicken fajitas for supper before I’m off to work to give my students a reading test.  There is no cake as per my request, but I did make some treats to share with my class and there were enough for the fam as well (but I may have to make more).

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday… to me.

  1. Happy birthday, Tammy!


    Of course, since you posted this, Ian came down sick at school, so there is that. I sure hope I don’t get sick right before heading to the States on Monday…

  2. Happy Birthday, Tammy🌹
    Sorry to hear Ian is sick, hope he feels better soon!

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