Why Can’t the Whole Winter Be Like Today?

We spent February huddling in our house as the temperature stayed well below “fun”…

But now it’s turning around. The snow is starting to melt in Calgary and the mountains are just at the right temperature for playing.

Tammy the professional snowboarder

This weekend, there were two planned activities: going to Nakiska and going to the theatre to see Captain Marvel. It’s already March, and Nakiska will be closing in a month, and we’ve only been twice so far this winter, thanks to a warm December and a frigid February. I figure we will get out once or twice on Spring Break (next week) and that might be it for this season.

My original thought was that we would go skiing on Saturday and see the movie on Sunday, but when Tammy and Miranda looked like something the cat dragged in when they (finally) got up on Saturday morning, I knew that wasn’t the day for skiing. So we went to see the matinee of Captain Marvel. It was good, in a middle-of-the-road Marvel movie way. It was solid. But then any movie with Sam Jackson in it is worthy… They did a good job of de-ageing him. Phenomenal, really. Of course, the real movie that we are waiting for is Avengers: End Game, but that will come after the end of skiing season.

We got to the hill nice and early, and we were already on our fourth run or so before there started to be a bigger number of people on the slopes. In fact, Ian and I were talking about it at the beginning of one run: we’d expected it to be busier. It turned out that most of the people were at the Silver chairlift, while we were having fun on the Bronze.

Tammy was tired by about 10:30, so we took off our ski boots and put them in the car and then enjoyed a few runs down the tube park. That’s the first time we’ve used our passes this winter.

The whole family tubing

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