Changing Sports

The weather in Calgary has been unseasonably warm this week, hitting highs of 16 degrees. The snow is disappearing rapidly. In fact, when I left for Virden, you couldn’t see our lawn at all, and when I got back there was only one patch left, and it’s gone now.

The results are:

  • My first cycling commute of the year on Thursday,
  • Buying a badminton set on Friday, and
  • Going for a bike ride with Peter and Justin today.

Thursday was my only day in the office this week, since with the extra time traveling and working in the evenings meant I didn’t need to work Friday. But I had to work for it: Thursday was a hectic day and with lots of meetings and phone calls. It was a good thing I rode my bike: it kept my attitude positive the whole day.

The badminton thing is something that I’ve talked with Ian about: he’s playing it in gym at school and enjoying it quite a bit. We don’t have room in our yard to set up a net, but there is the big field only a short walk from our house. Badminton sets aren’t exactly expensive, so it wasn’t a big deal to pick one up. But there was one in particular at Canadian Tire that caught my eye as being easy to set up and transport.

The picture from Canadian Tire’s website

We got it home and set it up indoors, which is a good thing, because there is some initial “putting together” to do, and then it’s ready to set up and tear down. It’s really quite brilliant when torn down: it is all in a tight package that’s easy to carry.

The net set up in the living room

The field is still too wet to play on, but it won’t be long. Miranda, Ian and I contented ourselves with whacking the shuttlecock around the driveway.

Today’s ride was an ad hoc affair. Tara had been talking about declaring an unofficial club ride this morning, but the weather forecast had a chance of snow. Peter reached out on WhatsApp, and he and I agreed to meet at the shop and go for a ride. Peter ran into Justin on the way to the shop (figuratively) and he tagged along. It was nice to be riding and actually in motion.

Justin and I (I’m the one with the huge butt in front!)

We had fun. Snow is still threatening for overnight, so it might be a bit before there’s an encore.

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