Family Ride Down and then Up

Last weekend, when I was leading the BCC Saturday Ride out to Cochrane, I got into a little trouble when picking a route through the town. I was relying on another ambassador on the ride to know the route, but he turned back early because he wasn’t feeling well. So it was a bit of a gongshow.

This morning I resolved that I would scout out the right route, so that I would know where I was going. I “invited” Tammy to join me, and when Ian heard we were going, then he was in. I’m not sure if Miranda volunteered or was guilted into it, but I’ll assume it was voluntary.

I rode out first, and met everyone at the top of Cochrane hill. That got me a good 26 km before the family ride started. Then we all rode down the hill, through Cochrane along River Ave, then across the river and into the residential area on the far side. Then I went up the hill as far as Highway 22 so that I would know the route for the club, and returned to join Tammy and the kids for coffee & hot chocolate at Cochrane Coffee Traders.

Then it was time to climb the hill. It took a little while, and Tammy had a blood sugar crisis partway up, but in the end we all made it with smiles.

Ian enjoying the view halfway up

Then Tammy and the kids drove home and I hoisted the sails: a lovely tailwind all the way home along Highway 1A. That was their first time up Glen Eagles hill, and it won’t be the last.

2 thoughts on “Family Ride Down and then Up

  1. Love the reflection photo.
    Lovely blue sky! Looking good!!!
    I am guessing that is Miranda’s butt shot.

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