Actually Writing in a Coffee Shop

It’s April and that means it’s time for Camp Nanowrimo. I don’t always participate, but when I have a specific writing or editing goal, I do. This month I am working on finishing my latest novel, but with the amount of travel and other things on my plate I have forgone my typewriters. I have almost exclusively using my iPad Pro with the Brydge keyboard. I have tried using my MacBook Pro with BBEdit, but the keyboard on the MacBook really doesn’t work well for me. To the point that I’m glad that this isn’t my own computer and I will be able to give it back someday.

Not using a typewriter means that I am more portable and can sit down in a Starbucks and start working. And that’s what I’m doing. Miranda’s prowling the Indigo books and I’m at a table with a grande dark roast coffee. It’s a strange feeling. Sort of exposed and yet private at the same time.

I still love my typewriters. I am more productive with them than using a laptop or iPad like this. But it is a nice change of pace.