Hello from Edmonton

Tonight is the night between days one and two of a workshop with ATCO. This morning was a super early one to get to the bus station downtown for 6:00 am. Mary and I were on the bus to make it to ATCO for a 10:30 start. It was an interesting day, with more than a little chaos in the workshop. For most of it, I was not leading which is unusual. JP was here from Toronto. He is part of the Utilities team and today was focusing on the solution for ATCO. Tomorrow is the solution architecture part of the workshop and I will be in the spotlight.

This evening, our team met at the Marc restaurant for dinner. Afterwards, Mary, JP and I went for a walk down to the Alberta legislature.

Me, JP and Mary

The Leg. JP in the foreground.

I will be on the bus back to Calgary tomorrow evening.

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