Happy Easter!

It’s Easter, and it’s also one of the nicest days we’ve had this spring. It started with an Easter egg hunt, with the kids competing to win a special prize. It was very close: Ian found 63 eggs and Miranda found 68. So she won the Cookies and Cream bunny.

Lots of Easter Bunny loot

We watched the Chocolate Chicken episode of Max and Ruby, followed by It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown! at breakfast. Then it was off for a long walk. We walked up to the library because Miranda had some books in.

Crossing the goose pond on the bridge

We even took the time to walk up the hill behind the library to see the big work of art close up. Still don’t know what it is. The leading theory is they are supposed to be big Cheetos.

Ian and the Cheetos

The turkey is now in the oven, and the stuffing is made. More pictures as dinner approaches.


Well, it turns out that we didn’t take any pictures of the spread. The turkey was delicious and the stuffing worked out really good too. Yams, sprouts and asparagus rounded out the meal. Nom nom nom.

We did take pictures of the cake!


It was a checkerboard cake, which you couldn’t see until the cake was sliced.

Checkerboard inside

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  1. Miranda got some mini eggs with part of her money. Ian got Oreo chocolate eggs and a big bag of gourmet jelly beans!

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