Duet Display

Something new at work today: I have a third display thanks to my iPad Pro.

Duet Display

Yesterday I was having trouble juggling lots of open documents. I was aware of there being different products that allow you to add a display to your computer by using an iPad. Luna Display and Duet Display are two leading solutions. Luna Display has a hardware dongle to make the connection, while Duet uses the regular sync cable. I looked into Luna Display first, but it’s a $79 (USD) solution, while Duet Display is a $14 app.

For $14, I was willing to give it a shot. So far, so good. I had to install an app on my Mac and on the iPad, connect them and it was done.

Of course, a 9.7″ display is pretty bleeping small, but I’ve got my calendar full-screen on there.

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