Winter’s Back!

The spring has seemed to be slow in arriving, and now it’s done a major step backwards. We were warned by The Weather Network that this was coming, but it’s still surreal now that it’s here.

Here’s a time-lapse that Ian took out the front window during dinner tonight:

Then, after we watched Kung Fu Hustle, Tammy realized that one of our bags of yard waste had blown down the street. I, being the dutiful husband, made sure to commemorate the event.

In other news, Miranda volunteered at the Calgary Young Writers’ Conference today. Maybe if we’re lucky, she’ll post something describing it.

In other, other news, I finished my Camp Nanowrimo book today. I actually typed “The End”. That’s the end of the first draft, anyways. I also painted the wall that got torn up when the alarm system was replaced. I decided to go with an echo of the green accent wall. I think it looks pretty good.

The new accent wall


3 thoughts on “Winter’s Back!

  1. Good grief! Here I thought we had it bad with massive wind and petals 😀 We had lots of hail today

  2. What the Hell???? We have a blizzard of cherry blossoms!! But we did have some rain with snow in it.

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