Hello from Regina

Here I am in the rectangular province again! This time I am working with the Regina Police Service, who are migrating their crime analysis section from Intergraph to Esri. Day one of the workshop was today, with David H. and Courtnay here with me from Esri. It went pretty well, if a little different from normal. Normally I’m brought in when there is a lot of existing complexity to resolve, whereas this is a situation where there is a lot of complexity to solve, but it’s all planned instead of existing.

Or something like that.

I just got back to the hotel room from dinner. It’s 9:45. Dinner was at 6:30. It was a long, very interesting conversation, but now I’ve got to work to prepare for tomorrow’s session. Here is a picture I took leaving the restaurant. The crescent moon was setting past the flame that was outside Golf’s Steakhouse.

Moonset over Victoria Avenue

2 thoughts on “Hello from Regina

  1. Yep. When David and I were walking to the pub on Sunday evening (around 7:00 pm), there were literally no pedestrians or moving cars in sight.

    Now, I’m in the airport, and I walked straight up to the security. There was no one else in line or being screened. It’s a quiet little town.

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