Had to change gears…and vehicles

So it’s been 4 years since I purchased my Mazda 6. It has been a great car and I have considered it “luxury” for my standards with all the extras.

I probably would still have it if it wasn’t for the gas prices jumping up insanely and continuing to climb ($1.61 at present). My car was not bad on gas but having to drive the kids to school and Zach to work started hitting me in the wallet. I started looking for more fuel efficient vehicles. Hybrids and Electric cars were out due to $$$. That left smaller cars. It is crazy how much some vehicles cost for barely anything (mostly paying for the name) I was looking very closely not only at the fuel efficiency but safety standards. Wow the recalls and complaints on some vehicles!!

So I finally settled on a Chevrolet Sonic RS Turbo Hatchback 2018. Got it on the 6th. Same amenities as my Mazda except it has a push button start, computer screen and back up camera (also has cloth seats instead of leather). I miss not having a lock gas cap. The backup camera is going to get some getting used to. I find not having a key is the funniest. I keep reaching to turn the car off but no key! Riiiiight push the button…..

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