Schrödinger’s Mother’s Day Post

Schrödinger’s Cat

As of right now, yesterday’s Mother’s Day was both good and bad. We won’t know for sure which it was until the vet calls us today.

Saturday night, Squeak was behaving as though she was not comfortable, and also showed signs of incontinence. That immediately set off the alarm bells: while she has always been trouble when it comes to using the cat box, she had never shown a lack of control before. And she is almost 20 and a half years old. Tammy was very upset and we set up a cardboard barrier at the bottom of the main stairs to keep Squeak on the main floor of our house for the night and however long is necessary. Tammy slept on the couch to keep Squeak company and didn’t get much sleep. In the morning, I held off wishing Tammy a happy Mother’s Day until we’d determined that the cat was doing alright.

We gave Tammy some cards and some prezzies, but the plans for the day had changed, with Tammy taking the cat to the vet and I took Miranda and Ian down to Bow Cycle: Miranda had her Sunday ride, and Ian and I meandered our way back home. When I went to pick her up, I picked up fish and chips for a late lunch (Tammy’s choice) and the cat was ready as well. The test results weren’t complete and that’s why we are in limbo: is Squeak alright or are we going to get bad news?

Squeak exploring the deck

We enjoyed our lunch and played some Minecraft and played some music trivia (can you name that song and artist). Ian made dinner: I helped him make waffles from scratch.

Ian’s waffles

Will Mother’s Day 2019 be remembered as a great day with really nice weather and time spent together? Or…

Updated 4:30 pm

Tammy just heard from the vet, and Squeak is fine!

The tests came back clear. It was probably a urinary tract infection so she’s going to get some antibiotics. Tammy’s on her way to pick them up right now.

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  1. Yes, I’m glad she is alright. I was afraid Mother’s Day would become the day we’d remember her passing. The recuperation supplement is really improving her fur and, hopefully, the anti-biotic will fix her right up.

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