Smoke Season Has Started

While I was away at Tech Trek this week, I knew that the weather was supposed to get warm and sunny in Calgary and Tammy reported as much to me when I was FaceTiming her in the evenings, but she had also complained about the smoke in the air. There are forest fires burning in Northern Alberta that has meant smoke. Apparently most of this smoke is from the one near Slave Lake. But I was shocked when I landed. I had a window seat but couldn’t see the ground until the plane was crossing 16th Avenue on its approach.

The view from the window after landing at YYC

You could smell the smoke in the plane as it plowed into the yellow-brown. This morning, Ian took this picture of the rising sun. The air quality level is 10+. Basically, it’s like smoking 10-15 cigarettes if you’re outside.

No cycling today

The smoke rolled in about the time Tammy was going to work. This wasn’t the way it was all week.

This had better not keep up all summer. 😡


The Air Quality Health Index has continued to worsen. It’s supposed to clear this evening, but for now…

Worst. Air quality. Ever.

Updated Again, on Saturday

The smoke blew away last night. The air quality went from being Mexico City-like to regular in the course of a couple of hours.

The whole smoke event

That meant that I got a ride in today under beautiful blue skies. Went for a 90 km ride with the club out to Cochrane.

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  2. Noticed the sky is a bit grey, Weather man in Washington stetted that it was getting noticeable.

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