Hello from Edmonton

It’s less than a week since I was in Ontario, and now I find myself in the provincial capital. I am here to work with the City of Edmonton, which is poised to put Esri technology into production. I do not have any previous history of working with Edmonton, so there are a lot of unknowns this morning before we start the workshop. Juliano is here from our Toronto office to shadow me during the workshop, because we are ramping him up to do this sort of workshop on his own.

I took the Red Arrow bus yesterday afternoon. That was pretty uneventful, except for a mild thunderstorm near Red Deer. I took some time to explore Apple Notes and try setting up some folders for organizing notes like I do in Microsoft OneNote. I also played around with the Shortcuts app on iPad, attempting to make a time tracking methodology. I got it working, and in the evening I managed to write an equivalent AppleScript service on my Mac, but we’ll see if I build the habit of noting when I start tasks. Usually I track my time in Outlook, blocking time in the Calendar after the fact. That system works, but I’ll try something a little different. Maybe being more organized when I start tasks will be useful for managing my time.

I’m here until Friday: two days of workshops and then coming home Friday afternoon. I am going to miss Miranda’s “graduation” from middle school on Thursday and the celebratory BBQ on Friday morning. I hope Tammy gets some good pictures. 📸